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Regular exercise and activity in general has a multitude and splendour of benefits. Outdoor and group activity has even more again.

Johanna’s programme has a special emphasis on pre-habilitation,  helping you develop healthier habits on a daily basis; to create sustainable and life long health and fitness habits, to achieve and maintain results.

Johanna’s Alternative Boot Camp allows you to benefit from the general benefits such as: – increased energy, health, fitness, stamina and endurance; more tone, strength, flexibility and mobility; improvements in wellbeing, self confidence, sleeping, relaxation and stress management. There are improvements and maintenance of muscle, or lean tissue, blood pressure and lowered body fat; also a lowered risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Osteoporosis.

Johanna’s courses are an inclusive programme focusing on a whole body functional workout; using a variety of everyday and useful movements so that you are fit for life. There is special emphasis on health, particularly heart, lung and circulatory health (CV, stamina, endurance); also, core and stomach strength and tone, and balance and mobility.

The programme caters for individuals of all levels of fitness and skill levels, as well as pre/ante natal and post natal women. Participants are coached to work safely within their own limitations, at their own pace: working hard enough to get results as well as improving and maintaining health and the integrity of joints and muscles. Boot campers with joint and muscle restrictions are carefully managed in the programme.

Johanna further emphasises developing healthier habits on a daily basis. As an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programmer) practitioner, affirmations are used. These are mostly based around improving nutrition, self esteem, and activity levels;  helping Boot Campers adjust their thinking, feelings and behaviours to achieve and maintain their health and fitness wants and goals.

Outdoor exercise is extremely beneficial, and even more so in an attractive beautiful park, such as Alexandra Palace and Park. Fitness Bootcamp London stretchesJohanna’s boot campers frequently describe the experience as vitalising, inspiring, invigorating, motivating, having a heightened sense of wellbeing and the feel good factor. A vital added health factor is your exposure to daylight and the production of Vitamin D.

The group exercise factor is also highly beneficial. Johanna’s boot campers provide support and encouragement for each other boosting morale and there is healthy, safe and fun competition.

There is an ever increasing core group of people who have attended regularly since Johanna’s first Boot Camp course in July 2008. Jogging buddies have come out of the group, as well as 5k and 10k races and Marathons. Christmas and 40th birthday celebrations and general Boot Camp get-togethers have sprung from the group. The growing sense of community is heart warming as well as the automatic and effective networking.

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